Ryuichi - 06 Mar 19

Rei Ayanami Booru Image Gallery

I've set up a reduced version of #hirobooru on the server just so i can upload some images of Rei that will act as the club's image gallery.

Just some limitations:
- Due the small amount of space we have here the gallery will be curated to have only the best pictures.
- For the same reason, images are subject to rotation, so if you see an image that you like download it as soon as you see it.
- Due the hoster TOS limitations, we won't include hardcore-nsfw images, but keep looking and see what you find.

Hope you like them! I'll try to add some new images every day. Also I plan to add commentaries and a user-score system in the following days so you can vote and comment the images you like the most.

The link is in the menu but you can enter here http://booru.rei-ayanami.club/

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