Ryuichi - 28 Feb 19

Basic BBcode tutorial for the site
These are the bbcode codes enabled for the page, will edit the post as i add more.

[b]Text[/b] -> Bold Text
[i]Text[/i] -> Italic Text
[u]Text[/u] -> Underline Text
[color=red]text[/color] -> Colored Text
[img] url [/img] -> Inserts an image
[url=link] title [/url] -> Inserts a LINK to a webpage using a clickable TITLE
[url]link[/url] -> Same as above but inserts the LINK without clickable title.

Leave a reply if you have any dobuts

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Ryuichi !51NRYmTGFE - 01 Mar 19

Edit: the IMG and URL codes are no longer needed, just paste the url of the webpage or the image and the system will automatically include links and images.


Ryuichi !51NRYmTGFE - 19d

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Lescarl - 08 Aug 19

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ryuichi !51NRYmTGFE - 08 Aug 19

Not interested, thanks.


Anonymous - 20d

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