Ryuichi - 24 Feb 19

Code rewrite of A Ton of Cows

I've rewritten most of the code of this microblog, but also reused a lot of the old code and, believe it or not, i reused also code from #hirobooru

The microblog can be used now but there are some things left to do:
  • There are still some things that are hard-coded. It doesn't hurt by having them that way but they can be efficientized (is that a word?)

  • Still need to code the embed snippets for youtube urls and others

  • The page now barely uses javascript. This may be something good for some but i plan to add some javascript dynamics later

  • There are some rubbish to be deleted from the code

  • Right now i can only upload one picture/file per post. I don't really need to upload more but i plan to up the limit to 4

  • Want to add emoji/custom emojis for posts and replies

  • Some minor bugs to iron out
Despite all of this, i feel the microblog works and looks now better than the previous instance. There are some new features, some got reworked and work better and there are more surprises to come (maybe some activitypub implementation).

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babymetal.party/@asaka - 20 Mar 19

Start your git host here, for example http://git.rei-ayanami.club


Ryuichi !51NRYmTGFE - 20 Mar 19

It's a good idea! Curretly the site it's hosted on a free shared host and only supports php but i can look into some php git solutions or just wait 'til i finish cleaning the code and then host it in a VN.